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Law Essays

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Property Law – Rights of a Tenant

In this scenario, Raj has allowed his sister-in-law, Joyce, to live in his property. The question is whether Joyce enjoys the rights of a tenant

Anti-trust Law Case Study

The essay gives a brief analysis and review of a case in which the government of the United States led to the U.S. Supreme Court. This is the defense of…

US Constitutional Policy for Privacy

The main issue, in this case, was that private property was not to be interfered with unless there was a warranty and if not it was taken as illegal…

Case Analysis: Freedom of Speech Law

The Baltimore airport denied them permission for the gathering citing Section B of the airport regulations that technically make it unlawful for more…

Law Principles in Business Company Formation

The principle of separate corporate personality has been firmly established in the common law since the decision in the case of Salomon v Salomon & Co…

Legal Research Assessment

Question 1 – Could Vincent’s security staff be given power to issue fixed penalty notices for disorder?

Overview of Domestic Violence in the UK

In the UK domestic violence accounts for a quarter of all crime, despite these figures it is recorded that only 5 per cent of recorded cases of domestic…

Analysis of Ireland’s Defamation Laws

This brief has sought to offer a critical discussion as to how Irish defamation law seeks to protect the rights of individuals and the media.

Doctrine of Harmonious Construction

The principle of harmonious interpretation is similar to the idea of broad or purposive approach. The key to this method of constitutional interpretation..

European Convention on Human Rights

The European Convention on Human Rights and the supreme court in matters relating to its jurisdiction, the European Court of Human Rights, are no…

Employment Law Cases

As a general rule the TUPE Regulations 1981 enable a contract of employment of an employee to be transferred over to the buyer of a business in…

Contract Law Case Study of Hotel

In order to establish what the nature of the ultimate contract is, between the hotel and A, it is first necessary to find the ‘offer’ and…

Contract Law Legal Advice Example

The shop is relying on an exemption clause. Customer A is likely to have a remedy against the shop under schedule 3 of the Unfair Terms in Consumer…

Criminal Law on Omission | Summary

The general position in criminal law is that a person cannot be held to be liable for failing to act, unlike someone who deliberately acts.

Contract Law Case Study

Once the offer was accepted by Linus from Charlie using the mailbox rule, the contract was valid and became effective upon acceptance. Linus is entitled…

Good Faith and Contract Law

The notion of good faith undoubtedly pervades English law, but there is no single recognised doctrine of general application. The law is generally…

Legal Aspects of Project Management

The law of contract is the study of legal principles which underlie all contracts; it is not concerned with particular types of contracts and their…

Consumer Protection Act Case Study

This case study concerns the liability of a manufacturer of a product for harm which is suffered by the “ultimate consumer” of that product.

Margin of Appreciation

The analogy of the doctrine of margin of appreciation reflects the rational behind the separation of power and constitutional framework.

History of the Rule of Law

The question of the purpose of the rule of law and how the boundaries should be drawn between moral judgement and the need to maintain a basic…

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